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Thanks to the weekly lessons given in our branches and on our website, we offer a complete and transversal approach to learning the lyre and its extended universe.
Our challenge, to train the bards of tomorrow!



We offer our students a unique tablature system specially designed for the lyre as well as an original method allowing to tackle in a playful and current way the themes of interpretation, creation and improvisation, on the axes of the story and instrumental practice which are the soul and heart of this ancestral instrument.


Meeting / Conference / Webinar

We attach great importance to offering the most complete training possible and that is why we also offer our students privileged access to the most recent advances in research devoted to their preferred instrument.

To do this, we offer meetings / conferences / live video / etc with many specialist speakers with whom our students can directly discuss many topics related to the lyre: Archeology, History, Musicology, Mythology, Linguistics …
Also, we share exclusively on this platform, the fruit of our scientific missions devoted to ancient music carried out within the Pole of Research, Interpretation and Experimental Archeology.

The Lyrid's Challenge

In April, the shooting stars of the Lyrids illuminated our nights.
On this occasion, the Lyre Academy launched the Lyrids Challenge inviting lyre enthusiasts to share their universe and their talent with us!

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